List of Accepted Papers - Research Track

(in no particular order) 

Title Authors
Developing a Multiple-Document-Processing Performance Assessment for Epistemic Literacy Simon Knight and Karen Littleton
Discourse cohesion: A signature of collaboration Mihai Dascalu, Stefan Trausan-Matu, Philippe Dessus and Danielle McNamara
Investigating Performance of Students: a Longitudinal Study Raheela Asif, Agathe Merceron and Mahmood Pathan
DOP8_Cycle: Merging both data and analysis operators life cycles for Technology Enhanced Learning Nadine Mandran, Michael Ortega, Vanda Luengo and Denis Bouhineau
A Time Series Interaction Analysis Method for Building Predictive Models of Learners using Log Data Christopher Brooks, Craig Thompson and Stephanie Teasley
Estimation of ability from homework items when there are missing and/or multiple attempts Yoav Bergner, Kim Colvin and David Pritchard
A Workflow for Designing and Deploying Awareness Tools for Technology-Enabled Learning Environments Roberto Martinez-Maldonado, Abelardo Pardo, Negin Mirriahi, Kalina Yacef, Judy Kay and Andrew Clayphan
"Twitter Archeology" of Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conferences Bodong Chen, Xin Chen and Wanli Xing
Student privacy self-management: implications for learning analytics Paul Prinsloo and Sharon Slade
Effects of Sequences of Socially Regulated Learning on Group Performance Inge Molenaar and Ming Ming Chiu
How does Bayesian Knowledge Tracing model emergence of knowledge about a mechanical system? Hee-Sun Lee, Gey-Hong Gweon, Chad Dorsey, Robert Tinker, William Finzer, Dan Damelin, Nathan Kimball, Amy Pallant and Trudi Lord
Classifying Student Dialogue Acts with Multimodal Learning Analytics Aysu Ezen-Can, Joseph F. Grafsgaard, James C. Lester and Kristy Elizabeth Boyer
Unsupervised Modeling for Understanding MOOC Discussion Forums: A Learning Analytics Approach Aysu Ezen-Can, Kristy Elizabeth Boyer, Shaun Kellogg and Sherry Booth
Collaborative Multi-Regression Models for Predicting Students' Performance in Course Activities Asmaa Elbadrawy, R. Scott Studham and George Karypis
An Exploratory Study Using Social Network Analysis to Model Eye Movements in Mathematics Problem Solving Mengxiao Zhu and Gary Feng
You've Got Style: Detecting Writing Flexibility Across Time Erica Snow, Laura Allen, Matthew Jacovina, Cecile Perret and Danielle McNamara
Predicting success: How learners' prior knowledge, skills and activities predict MOOC performance Gregor Kennedy, Carleton Coffrin and Paula de Barba
Curriculum Analysis of CS Departments Based on CS2013 by Simplified, Supervised LDA Takayuki Sekiya, Yoshitatsu Matsuda and Kazunori Yamaguchi
Pssst… Textual Features… There is more to Automatic Essay Scoring than Just You! Scott Crossley, Laura Allen, Erica Snow and Danielle McNamara
Understanding Forum Participation in MOOCs: Learning Analytics meets Measurement Theory Sandra Milligan
Discovering Clues to Avoid Middle Shool Failure as Early as Possible Manuel Ángel Jiménez-Cómez, J. M. Luna, Cristobal Romero and Sebastián Ventura
Ubiquitous Learning Analytics in the Context of Real-world Language Learning Kousuke Mouri, Hiroaki Ogata and Noriko Uosaki
OpenEssayist: A supply and demand Learning Analytics tool for drafting academic essays Denise Whitelock, Alison Twiner, John Richardson, Debora Field and Stephen Pulman
"Scaling up" learning design: impact of learning design activities on LMS behavior and performance Bart Rienties, Lisette Toetenel and Annie Bryan
A Handwriting Recognition System for the Classroom Eric Gross, Safwan Wshah, Isaiah Simmons and Gary Skinner
Learning Analytics in Outer Space: A Hidden Naïve Bayes Model for Automatic Student Off-task Behavior Detection Wanli Xing and Sean Goggins
Correlations between Automated Rhetorical Analysis and Tutors' Grades on Student Essays Duygu Simsek, Agnes Sandor, Simon Buckingham Shum, Rebecca Ferguson, Anna De Liddo and Denise Whitelock
How do you connect? Analysis of Social Capital Accumulation in connectivist MOOCs Srecko Joksimovic, Nia Dowell, Oleksandra Skrypnyk, Vitomir Kovanovic, Dragan Gasevic, Shane Dawson and Arthur C. Graesse
OpenCourseWare Observatory – Does the Quality of OpenCourseWare Live up to its Promise? Sahar Vahdati, Christoph Lange and Sören Auer
Examining Engagement: Analysing Learner Subpopulations in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) Rebecca Ferguson and Doug Clow
Automated Detection of Proactive Remediation by Teachers in Reasoning Mind Classrooms William L. Miller, Ryan Baker, Matthew Labrum, Karen Petsche, Yu-Han Liu and Angela Wagner
Tracking student progress in a game-like learning environment with a Monte Carlo Bayesian knowledge tracing model Gey-Hong Gweon, Hee-Sun Lee, Chad Dorsey, Robert Tinker, William Finzer and Daniel Damelin
What do cMOOC participants talk about in Social Media? A Topic Analysis of Discourse in a cMOOC Srecko Joksimovic, Vitomir Kovanovic, Jelena Jovanovic, Amal Zouaq, Dragan Gasevic and Marek Hatala
Exploring College Major Choice and Middle School Student Behavior, Affect and Learning: What Happens to Students Who Game the System? Maria Ofelia San Pedro, Ryan Baker, Neil Heffernan and Jaclyn Ocumpaugh
Identifying Learning Strategies Associated with Active use of Video Annotation Software Abelardo Pardo, Negin Mirriahi, Shane Dawson, Yu Zhao, An Zhao and Dragan Gašević
Topic Facet Modeling: Discourse Analytics for Online Discussion Forums Sharon Hsiao 
Reducing Selection Bias in Quasi-Experimental Educational Studies Christopher Brooks, Omar Chavez, Jared Tritz and Stephanie Teasley
Socioeconomic Status and MOOC Enrollment: Enriching Demographic Information with External Datasets John Hansen and Justin Reich
When Does "Help" Help? Eric Van Inwegen, Seth Adjei and Neil Heffernan
Are You Reading My Mind? Modeling Students' Reading Comprehension Skills with Natural Language Processing Techniques Laura Allen, Erica Snow and Danielle McNamara
Towards Better Affect Detectors: Effect of Missing Skills, Class Features and Common Wrong Answers Yutao Wang, Neil Heffernan and Christina Heffernan
Who, When, and Why: A Machine Learning Approach to Prioritizing Students at Risk of not Graduating High School on Time Everaldo Aguiar, Himabindu Lakkaraju, Nasir Bhanpuri, David Miller, Ben Yuhas, Kecia Addison, Shihching Liu, Marilyn Powell and Rayid Ghani
Using Transaction-Level Data to Diagnose Knowledge Gaps and Misconceptions Randy Davies, Rob Nyland, John Chapman and Gove Allen
Likelihood analysis of student enrolment outcomes using learning environment variables: a case study approach Scott Harrison, Renato Villano, Grace Lynch and George Chen
Towards Data-Driven Mastery Learning Behrooz Mostafavi, Michael Eagle and Tiffany Barnes
Penetrating the Black Box of Time-on-task Estimation Vitomir Kovanovic, Dragan Gasevic, Shane Dawson, Srecko Joksimovic, Ryan S. Baker and Marek Hatala
Leveraging Multimodal Learning Analytics to Differentiate Student Learning Strategies Marcelo Worsley and Paulo Blikstein
Combining Observational and Qualitative Data when Designing Interventions Abelardo Pardo, Robert A. Ellis and Rafael A. Calvo
From Micro-contingencies to Network-level Phenomena: Multilevel Analysis of Activity and Actors in Heterogeneous Networked Learning Environments Daniel Suthers
Learning Analytics beyond the LMS: the Connected Learning Analytics Toolkit Kirsty Kitto, Sebastian Cross, Zak Waters and Mandy Lupton
A Process Mining Approach to Linking the Study of Aptitude and Event Facets of Self-regulated Learning Sanam Shirazi Beheshtiha, Dragan Gašević and Marek Hatala
Developing an Evaluation Framework of Quality Indicators for Learning Analytics Maren Scheffel, Hendrik Drachsler and Marcus Specht
Exploring problem solving behavior from interactive tutors as networks of interactions Michael Eagle and Tiffany Barnes
Critical realism and learning analytics research: epistemological implications of an ontological foundation Tim Rogers
Planning Success: How Students Use a Grade Prediction Tool to Win Their Classes Caitlin Holman, Stephen Aguilar, Adam Levick, Jeff Stern, Benjamin Plummer and Barry Fishman
On the Validity of Peer Grading and a Cloud Teaching Assistant System Tim Vogelsang and Lara Ruppertz
Formative and Summative Analyses of Disciplinary Engagement and Learning in a Big Open Online Course Daniel Hickey, Joshua Quick and Xinyi Shen
Analysing Reflective Text for Learning Analytics Andrew Gibson and Kirsty Kitto
Improving Students' Long-Term Retention Performance: A Study on Personalized Retention Schedules Xiaolu Xiong, Yan Wang and Joseph Beck